L & J KLEIN Orgel-Metallpfeifenbau

Organ and metal pipes since 1962


On 1 October 1962, Paul Klein, together with Leo Klein, his son, founded Klein Orgel-Metallpfeifenbau, based in Kassel. Two years later, Leo Klein completed his craftsman’s exam as an organ builder. This paved the way ahead for the firm.


Qualitatively high-grade work and individual customer preferences are our specialties. This aspect coupled with a high demand meant that the workshop in Kassel soon became too small. We then expanded. To meet the demands associated with the firm’s growth and production of metal pipes, we moved into a new building in Calden, 15 km away, in 1967.

This expansion also saw us becoming an accredited training institute. Over the years, this 55-year-old company has employed between four and nine salaried staff.


In 1986, Paul Klein handed over his post as managing director to Leo Klein.


The family tradition was continued when, in 1999, management was extended to include Jens Klein, Leo Klein’s son.

The L + J Klein Orgel-Metallpfeifenbau company name arose.


Since 2013, Jens Klein, representing the family’s third generation, has been managing the company on his own.

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